Multifaceted nominations

Two more nominations on Multifaceted. Thank you, whoever did that.

*looks kind of nervous*

Happiness Is Where You Find It got nominated for the slash smut. *whispers* There is no smut yet... Well, there's a little. Thank you, anyhow!

And Cycles got nominated for the slash romance award. *whispers* There is no romance... Ah well. Details. *is beaming anyway*


1. My new one-shot in two parts is now posted on Occlumency!

Diary of a (Wannabe) Wanton Witch
Rating: B for Brazen (Like Brenda wishes she were!)

Genre: Humor

Summary: When Brenda Nelson, the uninspiring professor of Wizarding Law, takes up a Muggle magazine from a group of students, she finds something in those glossy pages that changes her life.

Warning: Silliness (see! I can so write fluff!)

2. The colored version of my Snape drawing... Linked instead of embedded to conserve journal space.

He still looks sad, but I took care of some of the other issues. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make him look angry/scowly? grrrr. ~>¿<~
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Canon rape

So I'm watching PoA... you know, they absolutely destroyed Trelawney's character. In the books, she's batty, but she's much more credible in my opinion. In the film, she's an absolute crock.

That's all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday

Fic Rec

If you're not reading it already, get over to Ashwinder and read butter_cup_'s I Know What You Do In The Dungeons

This was the fic that warmed me to the idea of SS/HG, and one of the few only ones I've ever read that confronts the pairing head on with something other than a romanticized paintbrush. This is a poignant, suspenseful story, and butter_cup_ is a marvelous writer with a flair for making things fall into place and an extraordinary talent for emotional content. This is a brilliant psychological thriller that is a must read.

*nods emphatically and pushes f-list towards Ashwinder*
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