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That's actually a sound I make, by the way.

I just wrote my very first honest to goodness (badness?) PWP.

There is no plot. None. Some character sketching, but no plot. I feel dirty.

I don't know if I feel dirty because I wrote absolutely pointless porn, or if it's because I wrote absolutely pointless porn with no backstory about two characters who would require a lot of backstory to get together, or if it's because of the specific characters I wrote about.

This was a bunny that kicked me in the head out of nowhere, and I could have spent the 2133 words on something that I need to be finishing (shit, I only have FOUR to choose from)

So, anyway. In the next couple of days, maybe I'll be announcing where this obsenity is posted. If I have the courage to fess up, that is.

In the mean time,

"You should have been an angel," he had told her once, drawing his fingers along her face. "You should have been born with wings."

If he ever realized that he gave her wings, he never gave indication of it.

As he lay in her bed, tracing idle circles over her stomach with a fingertip, he might have looked out of place. His shoddy robe lay draped over a velvet-upholstered Queen Anne chair, her own blue silk one peeking out from under the coarse brown wool. His shoes, sturdy and dusty, lay tumbled beneath the graceful, curving lines of mahogany carved into scrolls and whorls; her delicate ivory-colored slippers nestled against aged leather.

When he lay beside her, though, their bodies melded together as though they had been carved from the same mold.


ETA: Fire and Ice
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