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It's been an interesting day. My inbox has been full and yahoo keeps saying 'swish!' at me to announce more messages. And they've all been either LJ or reviews. I'm tired of talking about MMM actually, so this is going to be the last time I mention it here unless something extraordinary happens.

Swish. *goes to check inbox again* Oh, good. Nothing requiring my attention. Anyway...

1. They're not all idiots. I hate to admit that I was expecting mostly fangirlish squee or hate, but I got a lot of reviews that truly spoke of intelligence. That isn't to say that they were all complimentary, but rather that they picked up on subtleties I wouldn't have given them credit for after having read some of the horror stories.

2. There are three types of fangirls on the SSHG as far as I can tell-- the SSHG shippers who want romance and smut, the Hermione fans who want Hermione to save the day in a very dramatic and Gryffindor way, and the Snape fans who like Hermione but are more concerned with Snape.

3. This ship sails on a different ocean compared to the SS/OFC 'ship' with regards to Snape characterization and what he would and wouldn't do. I was under the (rather naive) impression that I could use essentially the same Snape on both Occlumency and Ashwinder. I was wrong.

4. There are a lot of readers on Ashwinder who seem to crave stories that are not the cookie cutter SSHG. I wonder why no one else is tapping into this incredibly supportive and review-happy audience. I mean, my GOD. If a story like Mistakes is well received there (and it was VERY well-received) then why aren't more people posting on Ashwinder with stories that feature Snape and Granger in non conventional ways?

5. There is also a detention fetish subgroup to this phenomenon. I pissed them off.

6. It is very difficult to keep up with reviews when they come in at a rate of 30 a day. It was draining just to type 'thank you' in response to each of them. I think I'm going to like some peace and quiet in my inbox again for a change. Which leads me to...

7. I never thought I'd say this, but I got too many reviews on MMM. I do appreciate the feedback and everything, but I never felt like I was getting to know or establishing a rapport with my reviewers there like I do at Occlumency. I know most of my reviewers by name on O. Half of them are friended on this journal. There were so MANY on Ashwinder, and some I have this feeling I'd like to get to know better, but I'm up to 461 reviews, and while probably 60 came from people I knew from TPMM, the rest of them are a huge blur to me, and that's a little disappointing. I like knowing the names of my regulars, and being able to recognize who has and hasn't left a review yet. It's like with my trilogy, I don't post a new chapter until I get reviews from at least five of my regulars (between Occlumency and FF.net combined, I think I have nine regulars who comment on EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER). Is this me 'holding the story hostage'? Not at all. It's me trying to pace the posting. Of course, lately this isn't an issue because I've posted everything I've written, but back in the fall when I stayed 2-5 chapters ahead of what I was posting, I let that be a guideline for me. I don't know. I've always preferred small groups to large ones, because I have a hard time getting to know many people at once. And it's... odd right now.

8. I feel at a decided disadvantage because so many people seem to be chattering about Mistakes and whether they liked it or didn't like it or whatnot... It's like I'm in this huge spotlight right now. And I don't mind a spotlight, really, and perhaps it's helping that I don't know anyone over on WIKTT, but... I don't know. There's a thought in there somewhere, but I don't know where it is. It's like walking into a room and being the center of attention, and as much as I bask in that, it also makes me self-conscious. I don't have a protective cluster of friends, which is why I keep retreating back into the world of LJ. SHG is a party where I don't know anyone, but they're all talking abuot me, and it's a bit uncomfortable. Even when they're being nice.

9. People really don't like my endings. They really, REALLY don't.

10. Rocking that ship ain't for the faint of heart.

It's been fun, but I think I'm ready to slink back into the shadows for a while, so off I go to work some more on Tomorrow. I think I have all the spare plot bunnies caged up. If anyone needs one, give me a shout. I have plenty to spare.
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