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I'm getting quite the mixed bag of reactions to Mistakes Men Make.

44 complimentary
12 hated the ending
5 critical
3 hate me
2 didn't get the epilogue
1 completely random

also, several seem to think this shouldn't be posted on Ashwinder, but someone complained and an admin has responded that the story does indeed belong on Ashwinder.

Those who hate me seem to have adopted as their primary complaint that Hermione didn't go all Gryffindor and stand on the tables in the Great Hall and announce her error. Someone actually said that.

Several accusations of 'abrupt' ending, to which I merrily plead guilty. I'm not at all bothered by that charge. It is one that comes up regularly though. People tend to think I end very abruptly. I wonder why that is? I usually have an ending in mind when I begin writing, and I end precisely where I intended. I think I'll go back and reread the endings to some of my favorite books and see what other writers do. I'm not sure how seriously I take this. To me, my ending points are logical places to stop, leaving plenty of room to speculate about what happens next, but drawing the story arc to a close. Actually, I think that sometimes it's the use of epilogue that bothers my readers. If I didn't add the epilogue, I think they might be more comfortable with it.

I also appear to have pissed off a group of Hermione fans who are quite distressed that Miss Granger didn't save the day.

I've had a few charges that this didn't belong on Ashwinder, though not as many of those as I was expecting. Perhaps those will come tomorrow. I do appear to have hit a nerve with some detention-fic lovers, and my suspicions were confirmed: I had some die-hards holding out for a romantic and happy ending, and they were quite disappointed that they didn't get it. Many of them were complimentary, though.

One suggested a sequel, a few years down the road, in which Hermione and Snape find a reconciliation of sorts. Might write that. A chance encounter, a rational discussion. It has the trappings of a one-shot, or perhaps of a side plot in another story. Someone else suggested a sequel in which Snape finds an OFC. I had thought about a sequel featuring Trelawney. Might give me the chance to resurrect Aislinn a bit, through another character, and do a better job of kooky, eccentric Divination prof this time around. Regardless, sequel is tempting, because I'd like to explore the lingering damage to Snape's reputation.

I've also been tossing around the idea of a prequel that might set up Hermione's sudden appearance. Or perhaps it's time to play with another character. I would like to exploe the student with an obsessive crush on her teacher, and despite his best efforts she is determined to throw herself at him. Possibly even convincing herself that he loves her.

Random thought. Might edit MMM to morph Hermione into an OFC student and post on FFnet to see how reactions differ.

Too many ideas, not enough time.

I'm really kind of bored with For Tomorrow We May Die. I don't know. Maybe it's time to end that one. Now that really WOULD be an abrupt ending, considering I've been setting up some future stuff. Maybe it's time to drop some plot lines.

Toying with the idea of Snupin. Never wrote slash before. Wonder if I could do it. Maybe I could resurrect an alternate reality for Bittersweet/Tomorrow and go in that direction. I've been thinking about that.

Problem with Snupin... I'm tired of hurt comfort and that's really all there is there. I've been poking at it for a while, but it doesn't go anywhere. I need an angle. Some reason for them to cooperate. If I can get them past that very first conversation, I think I could take them anywhere, but the only ways I'm thinking of to get that first conversation is over the Wolfsbane and... I already did that. Along with 18,000 other fic writers.

If they weren't wizards, I might have them having to cooperate to move something heavy, but refer to earlier post about how damned inconvenient magic is. All right, Jen. Problem solving 101.

Principle 1: there is no such thing as a problem without a solution
Principle 2: if the problem seems insurmountable it is because you are making assumptions

What assumptions am I making about Snape and Lupin?
1. They don't like each other. Tolerate each other perhaps, but don't like each other.
2. The only way they would interact is if forced or by chance. For example, passing in the hall or some sort of Order assignment which forces them to cooperate. Dumbledore could probably force them to cooperate.


There's my idea. *big smile* See? Turning assumptions on their heads works. I think I just found my premise for the initial interaction between the two of them.


I also have this vaguely humorous fic begun and I'd like to get back to it. Journal entries. I'd like it to all be journal entries. Can I see Snape keeping a journal? That's the question I'm having a hard time with.

Back to Tomorrow. I think I let it get too... fluffy. I don't want to write what I've been setting up. Maybe I'll rip down a few chapters and... okay, one chapter. But surely I can write a chapter or two of nice and romantic before taking a dark turn again, right? I mean, these two NEED a break.

And NMNB. I could so be into writing that, but I have that damned Snape in it, and he's so... god, I don't even believe him anymore, and I'm the one writing him. That's a problem. Maybe I can write Snape out of it and just play with Lupin.

THinking is hard work sometimes. *Pokes at her ephemeris and prods the moon* Need that moon to get away from Libra now. A good Scorpio moon would be a great time to be writing this scene that isn't going anywhere.

Hrm. Maybe... there's an idea. Jen can simply delete this scene and cut to the next one. She doesn't have to write every little word everyone ever speaks. I need to paint that reminder on the walls or something.

And I'll end with the announcement that I have a pink hat with fluffy feathers and I want an excuse to wear it tomorrow. On that note, I'm going to bed.
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