dazzleberry (dazzleberry) wrote,

Mistakes Men Make-- complete

Mistakes Men Make is now complete on Ashwinder.

Summary: Professor Snape finds Hermione letting Ron 'borrow' her homework,
and assigns her detention, but in a fit of pity, decides to give her a
chance to redeem herself. When he sends her a note telling her to be
prepared to convince him to allow her to make up the assignment, one has
to ask if the words she read and the ones he wrote were the same.

Chapter 9: Vagueness

In which hell finishes breaking loose and we see what comes of it.



Albus shook his head. “Severus is a very discreet man,” he said quietly. “If he were involved with Miss Granger, I tend to think that none of us would have the slightest inkling of it. That the situation came to light at all leads me to believe it is unsubstantiated. I think it far more likely that the truth is a bit less scandalous, though no less shocking.”

For a long moment, she stared at him. “You know something I do not, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied simply, standing as well.

“What do you know?”

Albus smiled, reaching for her arm. “I know Severus,” he replied. “Come along. I’m sure the hearing is already in progress.”
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