September 12th, 2005




That's actually a sound I make, by the way.

I just wrote my very first honest to goodness (badness?) PWP.

There is no plot. None. Some character sketching, but no plot. I feel dirty.

I don't know if I feel dirty because I wrote absolutely pointless porn, or if it's because I wrote absolutely pointless porn with no backstory about two characters who would require a lot of backstory to get together, or if it's because of the specific characters I wrote about.

This was a bunny that kicked me in the head out of nowhere, and I could have spent the 2133 words on something that I need to be finishing (shit, I only have FOUR to choose from)

So, anyway. In the next couple of days, maybe I'll be announcing where this obsenity is posted. If I have the courage to fess up, that is.

In the mean time,

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ETA: Fire and Ice
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