May 2nd, 2005

clickie boxes and adorable teens

So there's a little clickie box on Serpensortia (and I would assume the other archives) when you leave a review. Clickie if you want a notice if the author replies.

Someone please tell me that's a new feature so I can stop feeling so unobservant.

And incidentally, I'm about to pimp again.

Passing Notes by Snegurochka.

You know, I love about half of what she writes and just adore the rest of it. This is Snupin, and it's stunningly sweet and fluffy for something that doesn't stray ten million miles out of character.

I never thought I could read the word 'adorable' in association with Snape without rolling my eyes, but I just did. It is anathema to say it, but this is adorably hot slash.

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