April 2nd, 2005

Updated: Tomorrow We May Die

Chapter 40: Restoration of Stability has been posted on Occlumency.


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In other news, after a fit of frustration this afternoon, I abandoned writing for long enough to go do laundry and play a couple of games of yahtzee with my mom.

As a random note, does anyone have any idea if there exists such a thing as disinfectant laundry detergent? I've been ill off and on for three weeks, and after the stomach bug I had yesterday, I was ready to just dump a cup of lysol into the washer. I didn't, but I was so tempted.
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Fic Rec

So this is, what? My third post today? I apparently need a hobby. Oh, that's right. This *is* my hobby.

I have a fic rec (continuing with the theme of 'believe it or not, Jen does read every now and again).

One of the (very) few WiPs I'm following. Not updated frequently enough by half for my tastes, but every chapter is just wonderful.

To Life Again

This is a heart-wrenching story, and I think everyone needs to join me in prompting Silverthreads to update again soon. She is an amazing author who writes with such feeling that it's impossible not to celebrate her characters' minute successes.

The premise of this story is that a child Snape returns to Hogwarts and only Harry has the ability to understand him. I know it sounds iffy, but do me a favor. Forget that premise and just go read the prologue. If it doesn't take your breath away, don't go any further, but if it does, know that it's just the beginning of an amazing journey. I'd explain more of the premise, but I don't want to give the story away. You'll understand by chapter 2.

Now, go! Read! Encourage this author to update!
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