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Chapter 6: Subterfuge

Title: Fraternizing With the Enemy, or, The Best Christmas Ever
for: karasu_hime
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Teenagers doing wildly inappropriate things in inappropriate places

Fraternizing With the Enemy
The Best Christmas Ever

A/N: Gift fic for karasu_hime, written for the Secret Santa Exchange on lupin_snape. Story and characterizations of Snape and Lupin inspired by Karasu's artwork in general, with scenes based on specific pieces.
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine, but I'll take the liberty of giving them away anyway ;)

VI: Subterfuge
(A/N: Based on First Kiss From Severus, artwork by karasu_hime)

"Are you sure you're okay, mate?" Sirius asked for maybe the fourteenth time.

Remus waved away his concern with a smile he hoped would pass for a weak one. "I told you, I'm just tired. It's getting close to the full moon. I've got a headache. I just don't think I have the energy for Quidditch today. You cheer twice as loud, all right?"

Sirius looked torn, as though trying to decide whether he was a bad friend if he left Remus alone in the Gryffindor tower.

"Go on," Remus urged. "I'm just going to stay here where it's warm and quiet and maybe do some studying or something."

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely positive."

"All right then." Sirius clapped a hand on his shoulder and gathered his cloak and scarf. The door closed to the dorm room they shared, and Remus waited a full five minutes before he rolled off the bed and went to the window. He watched until he saw a cloaked form in a red and gold scarf heading to the Quidditch pitch. Letting the curtain fall shut, he pulled on his shoes and grabbed a book, heading down to the common room. As he'd expected, it was empty.

He dropped the book on one of the overstuffed sofas and stepped out of the portrait hole. Down a corridor, down two flights of stairs, down another corridor; Severus was standing against the wall by a statue of Simon the Silly.

"Severus!" Remus hissed.

Severus looked up at him, and Remus felt a flush of heat in his cheeks as Severus' gaze lingered on his crotch a moment too long.

"Come on!" Remus said, gesturing for him to follow. Severus looked down the corridor, then bolted up the stairs. Remus caught his hand as he reached the top step and pulled him into an alcove, where they collapsed against each other, their mouths pressing hungrily, tongues greedily exploring. As Remus pulled the tail of Severus' shirt out of the waist of his trousers and slid his hands over that lean waist, he had the distant thought that someday, they were going to have to talk about this.

Someday, but not today.

"Someone will see..." Severus murmured, tilting his head back to reveal that pale throat that begged to be devoured.

"Everyone's out at the Quidditch pitch," Remus replied breathlessly, shoving his hands into the waist Severus' trousers. Severus groaned as Remus drew his lips along Severus' throat.

"...find some place more private..." Severus whispered, though he was losing his insistence. Downstairs, the main doors banged open and both boys froze, pressing into the shadows of the alcove as a Ravenclaw came barreling up the stairs, too intent on his destination to notice what lurked only inches from his nose.

As the interloper disappeared up the stairs, Remus took a deep breath and straightened, shoving a hand through his hair. "All right," he said, acquiescing that the top of the main staircase was not the most brilliant place to stand snogging. "Ideas?"

Severus looked to his right, then to his left, and Remus could almost hear his brain calculating the odds of being walked in on in the Defense classroom. Remus' eyes lingered on that doorway, too, but he stamped the idea out almost before it had taken root. He had to sit in that classroom through a lecture that was already about as interesting as watching the grass grow, and having memories of Severus Snape's delicate hands and mesmerizing eyes wouldn't make getting through class any easier.

A sudden grin tugged up the corners of Remus' mouth, and he grabbed Severus' hand. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Severus asked as Remus hauled him up a staircase.

Remus turned around and kissed him again, backing up the stairs as he beckoned Severus to follow. "It's a surprise," he whispered. Climbing the stairs to the seventh floor took much longer when one was stopping every few steps to press a pale-faced Slytherin against the wall and shove one's tongue down his throat, but it was also a much more pleasant experience than simply sprinting up the stairs. By the time they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, they were both breathless, and the stairs had nothing to do with it.

Remus hesitated, then pointed across the corridor. "Stand over there," he said.

Severus looked at him as if he were mad. "Why?"

"Because I can't tell you the password. The other Gryffindors would kill me."

Severus' eyes took on a calculating look, but he crossed the corridor and folded his arms. Remus had no doubt he was listening, though. "Quaffle," Remus said quietly, and the Fat Lady peered at him, but opened the door. Remus had a feeling that password would change by the end of the day, but he didn't care for the moment. With a quelling look to Severus, he gestured the Slytherin to come in.

Severus stepped inside slowly, turning a circle as he looked at his new surroundings. "This is the Gryffindor common room?"

"Yeah," Remus replied, pulling him towards one of the sofas. Severus lowered himself onto one knee on the crimson couch, but Remus didn't give him any more time to look around. "Is this acceptable?" he asked, turning Severus' head towards him.

Severus tore his eyes from one of the tapestries, and leaned towards Remus. "Quite," he whispered.

Remus watched as Severus moved to stand in front of him, then leaned forward, bracing his hands on Remus' shoulders as he lowered his lips. It was the first time Remus had been the recipient of a kiss from Severus, and, as his lips parted for the gentle insistence of Severus' tongue, he thought it might have been the first time anyone had been the recipient of such a kiss. Where his own lips were demanding, his tongue forceful, Severus' lips were teasing and tempting, his tongue softly inquisitive.

Severus drew his mouth along Remus' jaw, and he straddled Remus' knee as his lips traveled along Remus' neck. Remus arched his neck, a small, blissful smile on his face as Severus teased and nuzzled. Severus lifted the edge of Remus' shirt, shoving it over his head and dropping it to the floor, his hands splayed across Remus' chest.

"You too," Remus murmured, reaching for Severus' shirt.

Green shirt joined beige shirt on the floor, and black trousers followed quickly, accompanied by brown. Severus drew his mouth, so talented and soft, along Remus' shoulder, then down over his chest and stomach. Remus had time for only a moment's hesitation before he lifted his hips, allowing Severus to slide his underpants down to his ankles, but any doubts he might have had disappeared as soft, hot mouth closed over throbbing, trembling cock.

Remus groaned as he felt Severus' hand circle the base of his cock, long fingers teasing his balls. Severus lowered his mouth onto the head of Remus' cock, sucking gently as his lips slid downward and upward, again and again. Closing his eyes and tilting his head back, Remus wound his fingers into Severus' hair, his toes curling as Severus' mouth worked with the patience and precision of a potion-brewer who could stir a cauldron exactly seventeen times every minute for half an hour.

It was much less than half an hour before Remus was gasping, his hands gripping the edge of the sofa cushion as his balls tightened. "Oh, fuck," he muttered, his voice strangled as he thrust his hips forward. Severus drew him deeper into his mouth, sucking hard as Remus' hips jerked, coming into Severus' mouth.

Sinking back against the sofa cushions, Remus was barely aware of Severus joining him, leaning his head against Remus' chest. Remus wrapped his arms around Severus, stroking the smooth skin that covered his slender shoulders, waiting for his palpitating heart to slow.

The blissful stupor subsided slowly, and Remus wrapped his legs around Severus' waist as he lay back, pulling Severus on top of him. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Severus settled his head onto Remus' chest, and Remus stroked his hair absently. "I read it in a book," Severus replied, shifting so that his cock rubbed against Remus' hip. Even in his liquid state, Remus could feel his own cock reviving as Severus' erection made quiet suggestions as to how to continue their stolen moments.

Remus rolled onto his side, working a hand into Severus' trousers. "Read anything else you want practical experience with?" he asked as Severus lifted his hips to meet Remus' hand.

Before Severus could reply to the question, though, a loud roar erupted. It took a moment for Remus to realize that the roar was coming from the direction of the Quidditch pitch. He rolled off the sofa and walked across the common room to the door to the boys dormitory. "Shit!" he said as he glanced out the window. "The game must be over. You've got to get out of here."

Severus was already on his feet, tucking his distended cock into his trousers with a pained expression on his face. Remus tugged on his own trousers, hurriedly stuffing his shirt into the waist.

"I swear I'll make it up to you," Remus said, brushing his lips against Severus' as Severus buttoned his shirt.

"I'll see you in class," Severus replied, shoving his feet into his shoes. He disappeared out the portrait hole, and Remus lay on the sofa again, opening the book he'd dropped there when Sirius had first left. Barely a minute later, the portrait swung open and the crowd of cheering Gryffindors came pouring into the room.

Remus sat up, hoping he looked surprised. "Game's over already?" he asked as Sirius joined him on the sofa. For a moment, Remus wondered what Sirius would say if he knew who had been lying in that very spot just five minutes before.

"James scored one goal, Ruth caught the Snitch, and we shut out Slytherin 160-0!" Sirius said with a grin.

Remus laughed. "Guess there isn't much point in asking for a play-by-play, then." Any other time, he would have been as thrilled as Sirius at the win, but this time, he wished it had been a closer game that went on well into the afternoon.
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