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Chapter 8: Sneaking In the Open

Title: Fraternizing With the Enemy, or, The Best Christmas Ever
for: karasu_hime
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Teenagers doing wildly inappropriate things in inappropriate places

Fraternizing With the Enemy
The Best Christmas Ever

A/N: Gift fic for karasu_hime, written for the Secret Santa Exchange on lupin_snape. Story and characterizations of Snape and Lupin inspired by Karasu's artwork in general, with scenes based on specific pieces.
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine, but I'll take the liberty of giving them away anyway ;)

VIII: Sneaking In the Open

The next three weeks passed in a flutter of activity. The approach of the holidays hung in the air like the smell of spiced cider and floated around the school like snowflakes caught up in the swirl of falling leaves. They had stolen moments in hidden alcoves, quick kisses behind statues, frantic hands and lips in empty classrooms, and every day, there was a desperate sense of need that only grew stronger if it wasn't satisfied. Stolen moments were less and less satisfying, though.

The first Saturday in December was another Hogsmeade weekend, and the wind howled and whipped around the students as they huddled in groups, blowing white puffs of air against their fingers in futile efforts to find warmth against the cold. Less than an hour after they'd set out from the school, Severus and Evan Rosier surrendered to the demands of the wind and made their way to the Three Broomsticks for hot butterbeer while they debated the merits of toughing out the cold or returning to Hogwarts early.

"I don't want to go back yet," Rosier complained as he took a sip of his butterbeer. "Do you?"

"As opposed to what?" Severus asked. "Freezing my dick off? I prefer to keep it intact, thank you."

"I think old Dumb-Dork should let us have an extra day in the spring to make up for this, don't you?"

Severus made a noncommittal reply as he took a drink of his butterbeer. He liked Dumbledore, but he'd never admit it to the others. They all thought he was the most miserable thing that had happened to the school in centuries.

"Wonder what everyone else is doing," Rosier said.

Severus glanced around the room, looking for other friendly faces, but either the other students were made of sterner stuff than he and Evan, or they'd already given up the fight entirely and returned to the school. There was a group of third years huddled at one table by the window, and at another table, the four Gryffindor asshats were sitting with Lily Evans and four other girls. Severus couldn't help a snort as he watched one of the girls, a pretty fifth year with blond curls, roll her eyes at Black and turn her back on him in favor of talking to Alice Longbottom.

Potter and Lily appeared to be arguing, but both looked as though they were enjoying it. Pettigrew was munching happily away on a piece of candy, oblivious to his companions. Severus' eyes scanned the group again, and he frowned as he realized that Lupin was missing.

"Bella and Rod are probably snogging in some corner," Rosier speculated. "Bet Lucius is around somewhere too. He's got it for Narcissa, you know."

"Mm." Severus didn't really give a damn who had what for whom, but as long as Rosier was gossiping, he wasn't worrying about who Severus' eyes were lingering on. Except that Severus couldn't find Lupin in the small crowd. Must have been in the loo or something.

"Wonder what Avery and Wilkes are getting up to," Rosier mused. "Not like them to just disappear."

"No idea." Severus took another drink of his butterbeer, and nearly spit it out as he felt something brush against his leg. Before he had the chance to jerk his chair away from the table, though, he felt a soft pressure against his cock. Eyes widening, he took a hasty drink again, swallowing hard as he felt his trousers being undone.

"Ugh. Today's the sixth, isn't it?"

"Yes," Severus replied in a tight voice; there was a soft wetness on the head of his cock now, and when he stole a glance at his lap, he could see the top of Lupin's head. Damn, damn, damn! What the hell did he think he was doing?

"I have an essay due in Charms on Thursday. You're a git for not taking Charms this year, you know that?"

Severus closed his eyes, gripping his mug of butterbeer. "Why's that?" he asked in a strangled voice.

"Because I can't copy off you if you're not taking the class," Evan complained. "You all right?"

"Fine," Severus replied, swallowing hard. Lupin's mouth was around his cock now, and if there was a stray thought in Severus' mind, it was that Evan Rosier was exceptionally dimwitted if he didn't realize that there was a Gryffindor with a talented mouth crouched beneath the table.

"You sure? You look kind of... peaky."

With an effort, Severus smoothed his features and took another sip. "I'm fine," he replied. "Just cold."

"Oh." Rosier turned his attention to his own butterbeer, thankfully, and Severus continued to grasp his mug as Lupin's mouth slid up and down his cock. Blinking rapidly, Severus tried to focus on keeping his expression neutral, but he finally gave in and closed his eyes, tilting his mug back as he surrendered to the blissful sensation of Lupin's mouth. He was too absorbed in his pleasure to notice when Wilkes and Avery appeared until the two of them had already settled into place, which coincided with Severus' balls tightening as he released into Lupin's mouth. He bit his lip to keep from crying out, and when he opened his eyes, it was to find his three companions staring at him.

"He all right?" Wilkes asked Rosier, jerking his head in Severus' direction.

Rosier shrugged. "Said he was."

"If I couldn't see your hands, I'd swear you were wanking under the table, Snape. The butterbeer can't be that good," Avery quipped.

The other three laughed, and Severus felt a heat creeping into his cheeks as Lupin did up his trousers again.

"Very funny," Severus said, shoving his chair back and standing. He was acutely aware of three pairs of eyes on his crotch, and he was grateful that he didn't have so much as a hard on to show them. "I'm going back to the school. You three enjoy the cold." He stalked out the door, and his classmates caught up to him quickly. Apparently, all they'd needed was for someone to make the decision that they were going back.
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