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title: From the Mouths of Babes
pairing: Lupin/Snape with heavily implied clear mention of former Lupin/Tonks
rating: PG for content, probably, but language bumps it up.
word count: 3247
disclaimer: Not my characters. They're just fun to play with.
notes: Just a quick fic. Unbetaed.
warnings: Established relationship. Serious content, lack of smut. In other words, entirely inappropriate ;)

link to story on lupin_snape:
Pretty much all the honest truthtelling there is in the world is done by children. Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Pimpity pimp!

mrs_muggle and gm_weasley have created a new community, and I think it's a fantastic idea! it's called hp_smutfree, and as the name implies, it's for smut-free fanfic. It is not, however, another gen fic comm.

There's a sign-up under way right now to request pairings/genres and to commit to write/draw in return. Any pairing is fine, but the resulting fic/art will be suitable for general audiences.

Take a look, sign up, and even if smut-free isn't your thing, spread the word! The only thing that can possibly come of this is fantastic fic!

Fic: Between Sisters

Title: Between Sisters
Rating: PG at most
Characters: Lily and Petunia, with guest appearances by James and Harry.
Word Count: 2066
A/N: Standard disclaimers apply-- not my characters, not my fortune. Random plot bunny put to rest. Totally gen, missing scene, HBP compliant.

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Fic: Anything

Rating: PG perhaps
Characters: Bellatrix, other implied Blacks. Gen fic (!)
Word Count: 2709
A/N: Characters, world, etc. not mine, of course. Originally written for SH's Deathday Festival prompt about why Bellatrix became a Death Eater, but didn't get around to finishing it in time. Still unbetaed. Any volunteers?

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Fic Rec

A rare rec coming from me, but...

Power Play by islandsmoke

Wow. Like, wow.

I have to say this-- I am absolutely so not into BDSM. In fact, I'm really not that into smut, period.

This fic delves deep into the psychological recesses of BDSM, and of Snape, Lupin and Snupin. I think it is the most singularly convincing Snupin I've ever read. I enjoy the pairing in general, but usually have to make a real effort to put my disbelief in a box and lock it away-- this was so perfectly paced and evolved so naturally that I didn't have to do that.

What's more, not one damn thing in it squicked me, which is a bloody fucking miracle. *is generally a very sensitive reader* The entire thing is handled so tastefully.

So, I clicked on the link because Smoke wrote it, but 'so and so wrote it' is never enough to get me more than a couple of paragraphs in.

Even if you don't like Snupin, and even if the warnings make your eyebrows climb, I'd recommend this one.

So go read.



That's actually a sound I make, by the way.

I just wrote my very first honest to goodness (badness?) PWP.

There is no plot. None. Some character sketching, but no plot. I feel dirty.

I don't know if I feel dirty because I wrote absolutely pointless porn, or if it's because I wrote absolutely pointless porn with no backstory about two characters who would require a lot of backstory to get together, or if it's because of the specific characters I wrote about.

This was a bunny that kicked me in the head out of nowhere, and I could have spent the 2133 words on something that I need to be finishing (shit, I only have FOUR to choose from)

So, anyway. In the next couple of days, maybe I'll be announcing where this obsenity is posted. If I have the courage to fess up, that is.

In the mean time,

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ETA: Fire and Ice
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New Story On Lumos

From the same muse that brought Diary of a Wannabe Wanton Witch, I am proud to present a new bit of fluffy smut.

Title: Charms
Rating: L

Summary: Before he was headmaster, he was a charming young man with sparkling blue eyes and a cheeky grin. Before she was the ancient and revered elder of the Wizengamot and head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority, she was a vibrant beauty with a passion for life and a soft spot for poetry. Before the turn of the century, the world was a simpler place, even if clothes were much more complex.

And you thought I was all about the angst...
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